Are “Open-Relationships” Just Cheating With a Label?

Love can come in all kinds of shapes and forms. It’s such a powerful emotion that to assume that there is one definitive way to be with someone is unrealistic. You can be with a man, a woman, 2 men, 3 women….there are even people who bone their stuffed animals from time to time.

No, seriously. Google it.

My point is that a relationship is what you make it. It doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say about it because it’s YOURS. Someone else can’t tell you how you’re supposed to feel. You have to find it.

I believe that in this crazy sexual renaissance many people are becoming more open about their needs and as such have become more in tune with themselves.

They are exploring their desires but at the same time don’t want to give up the intimacy and security of having a partner. This my beautiful people is what we call an open relationship.

Now for us normies, a relationship is a partnership between two people. You are committed to each other and are only intimate with each other. But open relationships aren’t that cut and dry. These individuals are able to pursue sexual relationships without sacrificing a serious romantic one.

Ok now, before you turn your nose up hear me out. I know what you want to say:

“How is this not cheating? How can they have their cake and eat it too?”

On the outside it may seem difficult to understand the inner workings of an open relationship. But in actuality it’s very possible to cheat in one. To make this type of relationship work you need next-level communication. You both have to be in agreement that this is what you want and that despite having other partners you will still have a healthy and prosperous relationship. Often times, when you cheat in an open relationship it has to do with a lack of honesty.

Your partner doesn’t care about who you have sex with UNLESS you keep it from them. Often times, your partner has to approve your lovers and if they aren’t comfortable with them you shouldn’t pursue anything. An open-relationship doesn’t give you free reign to throw your wee-wee at whomever you please.

They have to know who you’re with, when you’re with them, and how long you’ll be with them. And they will give you the same courtesy for their own sexual escapades.

I’ll give you an example:

Susie and John are in an open relationship. Susie and John always pre-approve each other’s partners. But John has a bit of a crush on Susies sister Janice. John tells Janice that he and Susie are in an open relationship but doesn’t talk to Susie about it first. John hides the fact that he and Janice begin having sex. John has now broken the conditions of his relationship with Susie and she breaks up with him for cheating.

Makes sense? Listen, it’s not traditional sure but who cares, it’s still love nonetheless. There are plenty of healthy open relationships and marriages. Remember, there’s no rule book to this whole dating thing. You write your own.

Open relationship or not sit down and talk with your partner about what cheating means to you. I know people who consider their partner watching porn a violation of trust, where others aren’t afraid to pop some popcorn, grab a blanket and watch it with them.

It’s all whatever you make it to be. Whether we understand it or not, it’s always important for us to stay open-minded and respectful of other people’s preferences and lifestyles.

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