Meeting Her Dad: A How-To Guide

So you tricked a girl into thinking you were put together enough to meet her folks? Nice.

But you’re not out of the woods yet bud. Not even close. For a lot of people meeting the parents is considered a huge step of the relationship and for women it’s seen as a privilege saved for the most serious of relationships. When a girl is serious about you, she wants to show you off.

So don’t f*** it up.

Whatever you do don’t be yourself. I’m serious. Your lady is going to trick you by saying some slick buttery shit like:

“Oh, don’t worry they’ll love you! Just be you and they’ll see how I fell for you in the first place.”

ITS A TRAP! DON’T LISTEN! If you’re normally a Stefan then for this mission you gotta be Urkel…..(ugh did I really just say that?) My point is that you want to make them feel safe. You have to seem like the best guy for their daughter. Right now, she’s not your boo or your shawty. No ass grabbing, no wild stuff and when she says “Daddy” do NOT turn around.

She’s just your girlfriend ok? You gotta be vanilla with it. Remember, in their eyes this is still their baby and you have to have to give off an energy that makes them feel comfortable with you. Especially the Dad. Its a little complicated but don’t worry I got you:

1. The Over-protective Dad

Now Dads initially come in 1 of 2 forms. The over-protecter and the chill one. Now the over-protective pops is the standard. He’s going to be a little more hostile and territorial with you in the beginning but don’t be sensitive about it. You have to understand, he’s raised and nurtured this beautiful flower up from his seed and here you come putting your dick in it. You’d be a little peeved too wouldn’t you?

Now for this type of Dad don’t try and match his energy and puff your chest out. You’ll look bad in front of everyone and it can leave a horrible impression. He’ll see you more as a threat then someone he trusts his daughter with. The best thing to do here is to try and relate to him in some way.

Look around the house and find something that you may both be able to relate to. If he’s watching the game then talk sports with him even if you have to fake it. Ask him parts about his life as well. Often times, Dads will have trophies and memorabilia of a simpler time in their life that their fond of so it’s easy to spark a conversation.

“Wow…..I can’t believe it……you played for the 1976 Uptown Bulldogs? Oh…and is this a participation award? You’re a legend Mr. Robertson!”

You know you could careless about that old ass award but it means the world to him, and it breaks down the wall he built up. He’ll become more expressive and responsive simply because you took the time to share his interests.


2. The Cool Dad

Now this Dad is going to open up to you fast. And a lot of times he’s going to be very informal and more friendly. This time he’s trying to make YOU comfortable. 7 times out of 10 this interaction goes very smoothly. You can laugh, crack jokes a bit, he’ll talk shit about his daughter and naturally you’ll feel more at ease than when you came in. But the problem here is that some Dad’s can be a bit too cool and it can get uncomfortable.

They’ll begin to gravitate towards you because you make them feel younger and things may get a odd. They’ll want to invite you places and when you come over they’ll be just as excited to see you as their daughter. There’s nothing really wrong with this type of Dad but don’t be surprised if you find yourself with a new and much older best-friend.

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