Is She Into You?

Girls are weird. Nowhere near as much of a mess as guys are but their still a little weird in their own way. We’re just wired different, you know? And sometimes it can be hard to get out of the male mindset and really figure out what they’re thinking.

When talking to a girl you can’t expect them to make the same moves a guy makes. We will literally stop driving in the middle of traffic to shoot our shot at you. We throw dick pics out without a care in the world. A woman always knows you like her, the more we try and hide it the more obvious it becomes.

But girls are different.

They’re pros. Freaking hall of famers. You won’t know how a girl feels about you unless she wants you to and 9 times out of 10 she’s expecting you to make the first move.

But Chris, if she wants me to make the first move, why is she being so cryptic?

She’s not being cryptic, she’s being subtle. As men we use a more aggressive approach. They don’t. So it forces us to take a second and look at certain behavior. If you are waiting for a huge sign you’re going to miss all of the minor cues that she’s into you.

When a girl likes you, she wants you to notice her. Now some women take a more non-verbal approach whereas others take a more verbal approach such as laughing at your corniest jokes or asking you intimate relationships questions. They may even greet you with:

Hey, Bighead!

Women say it all the time. And she’s not making fun of you in any way. A lot of times when a girl is “mean” to you she has a crush on you but isn’t sure how to express those feelings. Think about it the same as Helga from Hey Arnold. Now, it takes a lot of bravery to open yourself up to a man and confess your feelings so women most commonly rely on non-verbal cues.

This way they aren’t really putting themselves out there and are less embarrassed if it turns out you don’t feel the same way. Men can get rejected six times a day and bounce back but women aren’t as accustomed to it.

Some non-verbal cues that you should pay attention to can include:

1. Raising the tone of her voice when she speaks to you or greets you.

2. Playing with her hair during conversation

3. Strong and Direct eye-contact

4. Open and inviting posture

5. Head tilting

Don’t get frustrated by trying to figure out how a girl feels about you simply because you she isn’t making it obvious. She’s going to tell you in a way that she feels comfortable.

Men can be very intimidating and judge-mental at times, so women often aren’t as abrasive and honest with their feelings.

I want to sit on your face and get burrito bowls. You down?

We have a ridiculous double standard of labeling women who are more honest, and in turn they’ve taken a much more subtle role in how they approach a man. They feel more accepted this way.

If you want to know if a girl likes you pay attention to her and you’ll notice how she craves your affection. But don’t expect her to make the same moves you would because it puts unnecessary pressure on her and can turn her off.

Be patient, be gentle and you’ll notice how she opens herself up to you in a way that feels natural and safe for her.

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