Ho Material vs. Wife Material

Now generally, I don’t like using labels. Often times you can label a person as one thing and look stupid when they end up being the complete opposite. But I made a promise to always be real with you and honestly:

Guys use labels. A lot.

I hate to say it but a man thinks he can spot a “ho” or “Thot” within seconds. And if he doesn’t, then his best friend will. If the best friend doesn’t, bring her home and his Dad will. Sometimes, It’s a pretty good skill to have considering 1 in 5 people got the gift that keeps on giving. You may not know it but as a guy is talking to you he’s already putting you in one of two little boxes in his head.

He’s either going to see you as a partner, or just try to get in your pants.

But understand that you are more than a label. So express that. Help us fall in love with ALL parts of you. I’m going to give you a real life example of how men think:

My girlfriend had class the other day and they ended up going outside. Now one of her classmates named Nick sees this girl. She’s walking up with her shirt all out, new weave sewed in, and he peeped her vibe so he approached her:

Hey, where you going looking so cute?

Who me?

Yeah, you. What you doing later?


(Laughs awkwardly)

And that was it. Nick then walks back to the class and says:

Fuckin whore. I could never date someone easy like that. I’ll still hit it though.

“Fuckin whore. I’ll still hit it though”. Do you see how easily he objectified her? No respect, just another notch on his belt. Craziest part is all the men in the class agreed!

My girl came to me about it and was a little confused. She wanted to know the thought process that a man goes through when talking to a woman. What determines if we respect you or not?

And I’m going to tell you the same thing I told her.

When finding a partner, value is everything. Most of the time when a guy approaches you it’s not cause of your “personality”. It’s an initial physical attraction. But it’s how you handle that interaction that sets the tone for us.

You’re more than what’s between your legs. So show us in order to set yourself apart from the crowd. Show us your worth. Don’t ever make it easy unless there’s genuine chemistry between you two. If you walk around giving it up for any type of affection, we can’t look at you the same way as a woman who sees their body as a temple. It doesn’t matter what she looks like either because she is willing to offer us more than sex.

The prettiest “ho” could never compare to ugliest “wife”.

My point here is you have no idea how much you’re really worth. Please take advantage of it. A guy can have sex with you a thousand times and not care about you. Trust me. That lust is fleeting and only lasts for a few minutes.

Cook for him, talk with him, laugh with him, show him YOU, not just what’s between your legs. You’ll see how this man gravitates towards you. It becomes more than what you can do for him and more of how he can please you. It’s a different level of affection than when he’s only looking for one thing.

Like I said, I don’t believe in labels. I think that every woman on this planet has value and the people they’ve slept with doesn’t define them. But if you don’t want to just end up as someone’s body count then you have to show you can bring more to the table.

You are a queen, but the only way for men to see that is if you treat your body as your kingdom. Protect it. Value it. Show that you’re more than just an object for them to get a nut off.

We love you, and you’ve got plenty to offer.

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