3 Signs He Ain’t S***

Ladies, y’all must be really going through it out there huh? I’ve listened to 6 women say they’re giving up on men this week alone, and I swear they all tell me the same thing.

“Chris, why y’all always playing games.”

“I’m so over men.”

“I’ll never find somebody to treat me right.”

“Y’all all trash.”

“I’m gonna be lesbian now.”

I mean, damn sweetheart did you even look? There are a few billion of us out there. Stop expecting to find a committed relationship by jumping on Tinder and giving your snapchat away like a hotel mint. I’m serious, where in the world are you picking these dudes up from?

You don’t have to limit yourself, good men are out there. In abundance. And yet you gravitate towards the same type of guys who hurt you over and over? I get that you have your standards but you’re going to drive yourself crazy! Eventually all the heartache is going to eat away at you and when you DO find a good man you won’t have anything left to give him.

You wasted all your energy on people who don’t appreciate you. Love will start to feel like this deflated balloon. It’s heartbreaking. It’s sad watching a good woman turn into a broken one. And so in an effort to protect the few queens we have left, I’ve come up with 3 signs to know when to cut a guy off. Get your pens and paper out ladies, I’m giving you the blueprint:

-Lack of Commitment-

We will tell you exactly what we want from you and everything you think you want to hear. Whether it’s sex, free food, or belly rubs it doesn’t matter. You will KNOW what you’re getting yourself into so don’t settle. You can’t expect them to change. These are the type of guys that don’t want anything meaningful with you but try and wrap you around their finger for the convenience.

They say stupid crap like “Oh well, we don’t need a label.” or “I’m not looking for a relationship right now.” It’s all bullshit. Listen, the moment you have sex with this guy he’s already won. You literally gave him all he wanted with minimal effort. Why in the world would he commit to you now?

He gets to tap you, and any other girl he wants simply because you weren’t official. If you know you want a committed and healthy relationship then stop settling for whatever crap a guy gives you. If he doesn’t see your worth, get him out of here and keep moving. Who really lost out in this situation? Not you.


Men aren’t sneaky. We pretend like we are, and then do crap like leave panties and empty condom wrappers in the bed. Then we just lie, and go “Oh, well I don’t know how it got there must be yours”. Men tend to be so one track minded and dense when it comes to the opposite sex, that we always get caught in something. We suck at hiding it!

Seriously, 9 times out of 10 a woman already knows your being unfaithful, she just hasn’t figured out all the pieces to the puzzle. Bro, she’s waiting for you to mess up. A woman will know just based on the brand of cheap perfume on you, a strand of hair left on your jacket, or just the way your dick smells. It’s crazy! Ladies, use these natural detective skills!

Does he let you into his phone?
Does he talk to a lot of females?
Is he defensive when you discuss cheating?
Is he too “friendly” to the opposite sex?
Does he disappear for periods of time?
Do his friends act weird towards you?
Are you on Birth Control but he carries condoms?
Has he already proven unfaithful?

These are signs, beautiful people. A shady dude is easier to spot than you think. A lot of times love and intimacy can blind us to the person right in front us. For your own sake don’t be a fool.

-Absence of Adoration-

Honestly, you reading this right now is a sign that he’s probably trash. But let me ask you something:

Are you happy?

When you think about him, do you see him as a partner who craves you; or do you question whether he even respects you? Ladies, let me be clear. When a man loves you, adores you, and cherishes you in the way a woman deserves, you will feel it. It’s a love that wants to do nothing but free you and shield you from the world. He’s not going to know what do with himself. He’ll tell you “I love you” without needing a reason.

A loving man goes out of his way to make you feel beautiful and sexy everyday. He may stare in your eyes just to admire what he has. He’ll even watch all the terrible movies you like, simply because you want to and enjoys your company more than anybody else’s. He misses you when you’re gone. When you argue he doesn’t call you out of your name; and if you storm out he chases you.

This is what a good man is like. Remember it well.

He shouldn’t need a flashy car, or all the money in the world to make you feel special. He doesn’t control you or make you feel unsafe. He wraps his adoration around you, only asking for that same gift in return. If you don’t feel this way, and are constantly hurt and disappointed by someone you care about then its time to wake up baby.

Because he ain’t shit.

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