Is Chivalry Really Dead?

If there’s one thing that women have done notoriously throughout history; it’s proved us wrong. Every day they feel the weight of patriarchal ideals and are forced to quiet the nagging of their self-doubt.

I want you to open your imagination for a second; You sit and stare at your wardrobe every morning to end up wearing a jacket so the workers outside don’t harass you. And you know what? They do it anyway. You go off to work at a job where you’re underpaid, objectified and devalued by your male peers. Imagine, going out into a world that is constantly waiting for you to fail, and still being expected to cook dinner by eight. To be a mother. A partner.

This is the reality that women face day in and day out. And yet they are still here standing under the weight of adversity. I’ve been struggling to find an answer for this question for as long as I can remember. And yet the answer I want to hear is constantly contradicted by the actions of the world around me.

Why don’t we love them enough?

Our actions aren’t reflecting our words. I don’t understand. I never have. How can a man turn over and kiss his wife, but claim she doesn’t deserve equal pay? How can we raise sons and still cheat on their mothers? How can we raise a daughter and objectify someone else’s? HOW.

Why don’t we respect them enough?

I’m the anomaly. I’m crazy. A part of me wishes I didn’t see the value of every woman I see. Is that what makes us men? To never commit and lose the ability to feel? I can’t ignore it. I can’t ignore their beauty and intelligence. Why do we blind our eyes to their determination in a world that seeks to break them?

I struggle to be right under the weight of our wrongs. The line is blurred, and yet I can’t take them off the pedestal they stand on in my mind. The one they’ve earned. But my insecurities poison my confidence. Why is loyalty met with ridicule and awe? Are we strong enough not to stray or too weak to?

Why is it so wrong to treat them like queens?

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