What are 3 Signs of a Healthy Relationship?

When you’ve been hurt enough times it’s easy to forget what real love looks like. Eventually, the lying, the cheating and the heartbreak just seems…normal.

Its as if we begin to expect the worst out of every new relationship. Everything seems to just blur and lose sense after a while. You lose the blissful naïveté of falling for someone, simply because you begin to contradict everything you see.

Its as if every kiss hides a lie, and in every embrace you’re about to be stabbed in the back. You lose trust not only in those who hurt you but in love itself.

But don’t give up. Trust me.

There are some amazing people waiting to light up your life. I know it seems hard sometimes but when you find someone who loves you through life’s adversity nothing can break you. Pay attention to the signs; when someone is truly willing to love and respect you they’ll make it clear.

1. Acceptance

Don’t ever lose yourself to be with someone. You’ll be miserable. Look for a partner that accepts you for exactly how you are. Ladies, I dare you to whip out the bonnet on the first night. I triple dog dare you.

And if he doesn’t laugh or whip out a durag then throw the whole dude away. You shouldn’t feel like you have to mask your personality or act different to satisfy your partner. There are no masks in a relationship. You should feel respected and heard no matter your differences.

2. Commitment

Don’t date a flip-flopper. Make sure that they’re serious about you and aren’t afraid of commitment. When they make plans do they often say “We” or do they say “I”? You’d be surprised how many people are in a relationship with a single person’s mentality.

3. Love

In the healthiest relationships, you should feel loved unconditionally. You should ask if they love you simply to hear it, not because you NEED to hear it. A good partner isn’t afraid to put you on a pedestal and make you feel like the center of their world. And it should come natural.

Feeling love and reciprocating it should almost feel like breathing. We need to stray away from this negative look at companionship and lose our fear of it. If you are feeling someone then show it wholeheartedly.

I could go on all day, but these signs are extremely important yet lacking in modern couples. We struggle and complain about finding love but put no effort into keeping it.

These 3 basic steps for a healthy relationship should be focused on and maintained in order to spur prosperity and growth with your significant other.

3 Thoughts

  1. Yes, yes, “Love is a boomerang”. We should put out all of us and see if we get all in return. Matter of fact, we should expect all in return. I agree with being a real person from day one, allowing your date to know you eat, shit, and have prejudices. However, I always had a problem with the word “Acceptance” because it misrepresents one of the strongest reasons to be will someone. They should be able to “influence” positive change in our partners. Yes, we should accept the core of someone but not the rotten pieces. We know when we found someone long-term when they challenge us to be the greatest version of ourselves. When they encourage when right and correct us when wrong. Everything else you wrote, I agree with wholeheartedly and believe it is great advice. Continue to advise people because too many people are minding their business and nothing is progressing because of it. We need more equal and healthy relationships.


    1. Thank you so much for the feedback. By acceptance I meant the parts of ourselves that we can’t change; the core aspects of our character that if aren’t received can make us feel disconnected or unwanted. You raised an amazing point and I actually agree with you. I love how as much as I seek to teach others I can learn a little along the way too. Your comment is greatly appreciated!


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