Warning! Could distance sabotage your relationship?

Oh man, where do I even start with this one. Commitment is hard enough in 2019. You can be talking to someone and lose them to your bestfriend the next week. It can be hard enough keeping someone around for the long term without the pressures of distance affecting your relationship.

Distance is a very real problem for many couples, especially younger ones. You may have dated someone all of high-school but you have to face the reality that you are going your seperate ways and may be headed on different journeys in life. You may not be able to grow as an individual while being tied down in a relationship.

Say you get a job in a different state but have a partner:

Do you accept the new opportunity and break up?

Are they willing to leave their life behind and go with you?

Do you stay with them and miss your new opportunity?

Do you trust them to commit to long distance?

These are the real questions that you have to face. Distance can affect any relationship no matter how strong it is. In order for couples to prosper and grow it requires both parties to constantly invest their time, attention and love into their partner. This can prove extremely difficult when you’re miles apart.

Not to mention your both human. Its not like you can turn off your desires and hormones. You are going to feel lonely and have to constantly quiet your lust for the sake of your partner. The more people you meet, the more you forget those you’ve left behind. Plus It can be hard to trust them and not know whether they’re being faithful. Asking them may plant a seed of distrust into your relationship.

“Oh what so you don’t trust me now?”

You know the saying if it aint broke don’t break it right? Well, this added pressure may only push your partner away further. You’re both going to be tested every single day. And its up to YOU whether to give into these vices or not. Some people cheat all the time in long-distance relationships but stay with their partners simply for the comfortability.

Never will people try you more than when you’re in a relationship. But a long-distance relationship?

You’ll be hit on so much you might as well carry around a big ass fly swatter.

But not all relationships are the same. The biggest flaw that most long-distance couple shave is that they haven’t built a strong enough foundation for this level of commitment. If you truly love someone enough then you have the potential to whether any storm no matter how difficult it is. Honestly long distance works when you are willling to put the work in to get through it.

It takes a serious level of commitment, but when you both come in with an understanding of your obstacles its easier to get through them together. It forces you to communicate well in order to keep your relationship intact. If you have strong love, distance should only give you a reason to love harder.

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