Modern Masks

The Truth of Online Dating

The Internet is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and chaotic products of man’s imagination. It has the potential to bring us together in ways that eclipse almost all other forms of communication. And what do we use it for most?

YouTube videos and booty calls. I don’t know how I ended up in the weird part of the internet during my microeconomics class again. I swear I clicked one ad and then boom spent an hour and a half on spirit animal quizzes and being misdiagnosed by WebMD. (I thought I was hungry but nope, Crohn’s disease.)

Anyway, after figuring out which constellation I had most in common with, (boredom is the downfall of any man) I stumbled across the craziest thing.

This is George Zimmerman. Yes, THAT George Zimmerman. And ladies you’re in luck because he is single and ready to mingle. He actually thought it’d be a good idea to put himself out there on the dating app Bumble.


This genius got banned from the app faster than I could even finish this article. The craziest thing about this for me was that this man right here must have the confidence of a demigod to do something like this.

What the hell did he think was going to happen? What was he thinking?

“I’ll steal your heart, like I stole that boy’s life.” 🙂

LIKE NO! NO! I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS! Does he expect women to not bring Trayvon up on the first date? And is that even a real job he put down there, what is that? But most importantly:

How much do we not know about who you meet online?

It’s an important question. Let’s say Georgie managed to get a girl to go out with him, and she so happens to be oblivious to his little trigger finger escapades. You think he’d tell her about it? Nope. Why would he? He’s not going to ruin his chances. He’s going to enjoy the company of someone ignorant to who he is. Just like every pretender.

The monsters that we fear are all around us. They sit next to you on the train, work with you, eat with you and may even sleep with you. And you won’t always see past their masks before it’s too late. Who else is on Bumble? Sure we are giving Georgie boy here a hard time but what about the child molesters? The men who date women to get close to their kids. What about the women who set men up on Tinder? Or the rapists that prey on others to satisfy their need for control? We get so wrapped up in the fantasy and the convenience of hooking up that we end up surprised when a stranger doesn’t meet our expectations.

Two amazing women even opened up about their experiences:

“Ok so when I tell you this boy wasted my time for a month. He really wasted my time. When I first met him he said he went to FIU but when we started talking he said he was taking a “break” from school. First he said he was a supervisor at footlocker, then Fontainebleau as some pool attendant, and then he said he worked at a warehouse. He was a compulsive liar and claimed his mom’s sickness was why he couldn’t care about me. Someone then told me that his mom just works for the hospital. I couldn’t see past his lies because I liked him so much but it all became too much. I didn’t even really know who he was.”

“It was ass, he was married…. We met on Tinder and were talking… They always gas it like they are the baddest too…I called his phone one day and he was arguing with a whole other bitch and the next day he calls me like it never happened…. Talking about they are just friends when it was his wife …. They all just wanna fuck. They never read the bios because I literally said in all caps no hook ups. And he was fucking 30. PLUS HE WOULD ALWAYS FLASH HIS DICK IN THE CAMERA!……. Never again. Period.

These women don’t deserve their heartache. They don’t deserve to be lied to and punished for expecting nothing more than basic respect and honesty. But this is the part of talking online that they don’t tell you. You can end up giving a piece of yourself to someone who will devastate you, and you won’t know until it’s too late. Catfish is more than a show, for some its become a way of life.

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