Is Mary Jane a Homewrecker?

Cannabis vs. your relationship

Short answer? Sure.

Let’s be honest fellow stoners, we have all been there. We’ve all been in a situation where someone you care about (more often than not a significant other) is giving you a hard time about your smoking habits.

It’s annoying for everyone involved and can often lead to hurt feelings, resentment, ultimatums and of course the dreaded break-up. But as someone who dates a former pot hater I can assure you it’s possible to have an open relationship with them and Mary Jane.

Help them understand.

Most resentment for cannabis comes from ignorance. Don’t lash out when your partner is being negative about your smoking. Although we are making progress, still decades of negative propaganda can cloud peoples perception on cannabis consumption.

It’s important to express what cannabis is and what it means to you. Don’t be stubborn or combative, because that’s how you get dumped. A good partner will be more accepting if you show them nothing to be afraid of. You never know, depending on how the conversation goes you may end up with a lifelong smoke partner.

Don’t make smoking your #1 priority.

This should go without saying. Do NOT be that guy who is more willing to spend money on a couple ounces, than taking his girl out to eat. We have all had moments when our tolerance got a little too high and or smoking habits became a bit excessive.

But the easiest way to the ultimatum of death is by making your partner feel unappreciated or less important than MJ (even though they might be). What is the ultimatum of death you might ask?

“It’s either me or weed.” Know it. Fear it. And avoid it at all costs.

Make a choice.

You have to figure out what matters more to you. Does smoking weed make you happy? Does it get you out of bed in the morning? For some its even a part of who they are. Someone who asks you to change that may not be the right person.

On the flip side, if you know that your partner is more important than your pot habit, respect their wishes and cut back. They may love you more for making the sacrifice and be more open about it in the future.

In layman’s terms, Marijuana is a plant that makes you giggle when its on fire. By default, it’s not your significant other’s worst enemy but it can be if you let it. Show your partner that you’re mature enough to have a relationship with both Mary and them. Open up that part of yourself. Introduce them to her. Buy them an edible if smoking is the issue. Use her to spice up your sex life. The list goes on.

But whatever happens, there’s plenty of joints in rotation. Don’t stress if you drop one.

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