4 Strains to Spice Up Your Love Life!

A new path to passion.

The most common misconception about cannabis is that it leaves you feeling nothing but lazy and stuck to your couch. Now, of course plenty of beautiful strains carry out that purpose immaculately yet others do the exact opposite; creating a euphoric and even arousing experience.

Cannabis can induce incredible feelings of arousal and pleasure when used intimately, whether with a partner or alone. It could be the spark needed to ignite a whole new world of passion in your relationship.

With thousands of strains out there it can be intimidating (and expensive) finding which may be right for you. But don’t fret because I made it easy for you:

1. For the love makers- Blue cheese

OK, so it may not have the sexiest name in the world. But, Blue Cheese lives up to its name with a pungent and almost berry-like aroma.

The strain creates a relaxing and euphoric high that relieves stress and creates a feeling of arousal and genuine happiness when consumed before intercourse. Your body will move slower but become more sensual and sensitive.

You will almost melt into your partner’s embraces and every touch will feel more passionate and arousing than the last. Soon, euphoria sets in and you’ll feel more connected to them than ever before.

You’ll be reminded how much you love them as your bodies move in a perfect rhythm. Every second of intercourse will feel like a minute, all ending in an uplifted and orgasmic experience.

2. For the wild ones- Green Crack

Let’s be candid. You probably know how to fuck more than how to make love. A statement that rings loud and true for my generation. This is the perfect strain for those unafraid to give into those more primal urges. Creating a free and energetic high, Green Crack will make you practically rip the clothes off of your partner.

A strong cerebral euphoria will begin to sweep over you. You’ll feel uplifted and happy in ways unlike ever before. Your focus will be unwavering which makes this the perfect strain to learn your partner. Examine their body, press every button and listen to every moan. Don’t even bother holding back, you won’t be able to anyway.

Stay hydrated gentlemen, you’ve got a long night ahead of you.

3. For the kinky experimenters- Ultimate Trainwreck

I don’t even know where to start with this one. This strain does nothing more besides turn you on. It’s as if a switch is flipped in your brain and all you can think about is the intimacy and heat of another human being, it will reach a point where you crave sexual release.

Take your time with this strain, as the feeling of arousal can be almost overbearing if not taken in the right setting. Let out your wild side. You’ll want to do everything, and try everything and your partner will reciprocate that.

This strain will wipe away every insecurity you have and sex will be more open and carnal than it could ever be while sober. Your body will feel hot and you’ll notice a slight increase in your heart rate. Ultimate Trainwreck stands at the top as the one of the strongest natural aphrodisiacs on the planet. You can thank me later.

4. For flying solo – Girl Scout Cookies

Nobody knows your body better than you do right? Treat yourself.

GSC practically needs no introduction. Sit back and feel the relaxation creep up your body; meeting a smooth cerebral and euphoric mental state . You’ll feel the stress melt away from you as your mind delves into its own intimate space.

Connect with yourself and find what makes YOU feel good.

The effects of the cannabis will increase the pleasure and sensitivity to your erogenous zones; leading to a much better understanding of your body and a new world of pleasure.

Integrating cannabis consumption into your relationship can open up new paths of intimacy and passion. It will lead to better love, understanding, and appreciation for your partner and yourself. It can be difficult and awkward introducing something new into your sex life so don’t be afraid to talk with your partner and see how they feel about it. Sex is natural; its even beautiful.

There’s an apparent absence of gratifications in life greater than pleasing the one you love. Take advantage of it.

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